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Strong plan can deliver zero-emission energy future

Anyone who has ever tried going on a family holiday without a clear plan knows that the end result is generally chaos.

A little planning can be the difference between a group of happy campers and a car full of grumpy kids getting lost on the way to second-rate accommodation in a third-rate destination.

If you have no clear plan – or one that keeps changing – you can still achieve things, but it’s unlikely you’ll take the most efficient road to get you there.

Last month leaders from across the globe gathered in New York to sign on to the global climate agreement that was reached in Paris.  After years of talking, the event has provided hope for the future – and a clear long-term destination at the very least. But Australia still lacks a plan that takes us beyond 2020.

What the climate agreement means is change, and the renewable energy industry has developed a comprehensive plan to help Australia unlock the opportunities presented by the inevitable changes in our energy sector.