Acesum Power Inverter

Solar Power System

Products Name : Solar Power System

Input Voltage : 9V

Output Voltage : 5V

Charge Current : 1A

System Voltage : N/A

Net Weight : 1.43KG

Output Power : 30W

Frequency : N/A

Size : 225mm*230mm105mm

Brand Name : Acesum

 Home solar power lighting system

Multifunctional solar power light, environmental protection, long life-span, with features of power storage, lighting and charging.

This device can be used for outdoor lighting, power outage, travel and warehouse lighting, or camping, exploration and police.

Provided with high effective poly solar panel and high quality lithium battery.

Adopting high lumen LED lamp beads, super long lighting time.

Three in one USB mobile charging cable, USB port is available for charging of all main stream mobile phone on the market, guaranteeing the endurance of mobile phone.


Products parameter

Power source measurements: 138*66*200mm

Solar panel power: 5W

Solar panel size: 220*185*10mm

Cable length: 5m

Charging time: 8H (the charging efficiency hinges on the sunshine of different season)

Lithium battery capacity: 8000mA

Lighting source: cable length 3m 4.5w led light. Hard light long shot.

2 pcs lamp could in 100% brightness light continuously 8 hours.

50% brightness lighting continuously 16 hours

25% brightness lighting continuously 32 hours.

USB Voltage and current: 5V1A


The parts list:

Solar panel x 1

Power source x 1

LED lamp x 2

3 in 1 USB cable x 1


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