Acesum Power Inverter

Acesum power saver and standby power killer

Products Name : Power saver or standby power killer

Input Voltage : AC115V/AC230V

Output Voltage : AC115V/AC230V

Charge Current : N/A

System Voltage : N/A

Net Weight : 0.6KG

Output Power : 0.1W

Frequency : 50HZ/60HZ

Size : 170*70*30mm

Brand Name : Acesum


Products Name: ESMARTI

Model Name: ES360

Thanks for purchasing the new smart green products for electricity saving. Please read this user manual carefully and makes sure you have a correct usage. Save energy is saving your future. This is our mission in new century, so let’s work together for this great action.

ESMARTI TV Power saver is special designed for electricity saving of TV system via smart control. It’s a new green products that helps reduce the standby power wastage and save your money by smart detecting and automatically switching the power absolutely off after 60 seconds when you switch the TV off or when there is no any appliance in working, such as DVD, CD and cable TV receiver or other appliance in TV system.


ESMARTI works with:

1. All types of TV

2. Home theatre DVD, CD Players

3. Amplifiers and speaker systems

4. Any electric appliance which connect to TV system



1. Rated voltage: 230V AC/115V AC Optional

2. Standby power consumption:0.1W

3. Working power consumption:0.4W

4. Rated load: 3KW Max

5. Rated current: 10A Max

6. Delay switch off: 60 seconds

7. Cable rating: 1.25mm, 3 cores PVC cable

8. Test standard: BS 1363

9. Power indicator: LED

10. Plug: BS standard plug

11. Power requirement for smart button: 5VDC/1mA



1. Lightning proof

2. Surge protection

3. EMF reduction

4. Anti electromagnetic interference

5. Electricity saving

6. Easy to installation and convenient to use

7. Smart and advantage



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