Acesum Power Inverter

Acesum 3000W Home solar power system with built in MPPT

Products Name : 3000w Home solar power system

Input Voltage : 12V/24V/48V

Output Voltage : 110V/230V

Charge Current : 40A

System Voltage : 12V/24V/48V

Net Weight : 27kg

Output Power : 3000W

Frequency : 50HZ/60HZ

Size : 597*242*198mm

Brand Name : Acesum

Acesum 3000w home solar power system with built in MPPT controller and 40A solar charge current
This system was designed based on 7 hours continued using. It is consist of 1pcs 3000w pure sine wave power inerter with 48V 40A MPPT built in ,8pcs 12V 220AH jel battery, and 12pcs 36v 250w solar panel.
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