Acesum Power Inverter

400w Power Inverter

Products Name : DC/AC Power Inverters

Input Voltage : 12V

Output Voltage : 110V/220V

Charge Current : N/A

System Voltage : N/A

Net Weight : 0.85KG

Output Power : 400W

Frequency : 50HZ/60HZ

Size : 200*112*56MM

Brand Name : Acesum

 1: Intelligent man-machine information exchange LCD screen help the user understand the working status of the inverter intuitively and timely, as well as the working parameter, such as input voltage, output voltage, frequency, battery level and load power.
2: Malfunction alert function: different sound alert different malfunction and convey the fault information via LCD screen, such as low voltage of battery, over voltage of battery, over load, high temperature, output short circuit.
3: Overload shut down delay function addressed the problem of inverter sensitivity when the start of capacitive load.
4: Reverse connection protection effectively prevent the user from connecting the wire in wrong way and damage the inverter.
5: MCU data control, stable output wave and voltage, precise frequency.

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